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Adam reached out to Archimydes for help in prototyping a plugin to ingest payroll data from Rippling using Finch, an API service for Payroll and HR data. Clarus had previously worked with Archimydes for other R&D activities involving building services for AWS Lambda, however, this new request required Archimydes developers to quickly get up to speed on a more niche third party API service (Finch). Once complete this POC could be used towards more universal payroll data ingestion by Clarus

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"It is enormously freeing to be able to put an upfront cost with a feature - and have it done quickly. I’ve worked with a few members of the Archimydes team and they have uniformly been very highly skilled, delivery-oriented, and communicate well. I highly recommend working with them."

Adam Winter

Service Requested: Plugin

Create a plugin to create a plugin to ingest payroll data from Rippling using Finch’s API for Payroll and HR


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5 Days


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Velocity optimized

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Client Impact

  • Obtained a production POC of the Finch API
  • Avoided using internal resources for the R&D effort
  • Ability to re-use the Finch API to pull payroll date from other payroll providers

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