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Adam reached out to Archimydes for help in prototyping and deploying an AWS Lambda-based microservice. The microservice would be triggered when a customer filled out and submitted a survey application. The survey application would need to be converted into a PDF file and emailed out to the customer. In the past, Clarus was reliant on Salesforce-integration to achieve the same workflow however Clarus wanted to reduce its reliance on Salesforce and test out AWS Lambda for a production use case.

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"It is enormously freeing to be able to put an upfront cost with a feature - and have it done quickly. I’ve worked with a few members of the Archimydes team and they have uniformly been very highly skilled, delivery-oriented, and communicate well. I highly recommend working with them."

Adam Winter

Use Case: Develop Microservices

If a survey application is marked as “qualified” convert the survey word document into a pdf and email it to the customer.

Delivery Requested: Full Service


Velocity optimized

4 Days


Velocity optimized



Velocity optimized

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Client Impact

  • Obtained a production POC of Lambda
  • Avoided using Salesforce for PDF conversion and email workflow integration
  • 3 hours of own time spent across the entire

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