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Interactive Sustainability Platform

React, Node JS

Asher Jay is a world-renowned National Geographic explorer and conversational artist that approached us with a project that required a clickable prototype to be converted to a fully functioning app. Our Solution Architect worked closely with Asher and her UX/UI designer to define the overall architecture, plan her sprints, and write her user stories. The user stories were split across 3 two-week sprints and Asher was able to get her app out to school students around the world to raise awareness and promote conservation efforts.

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"Working with the adept, industrious team offered up by Archymides vastly accelerated our development timelines. We handed them Invision mocks, which they converted into and a series of user stories and handed us back functioning pages for User Acceptance Testing on a nearly-daily basis. I highly recommend people turning to the Archymides platform to convert design into a functioning MVP at a high velocity."

Asher Jay
Nat Geo Explorer

Service Requested: MVP + MVT

Build a fun interactive custom app with GIS and parental control capabilities for a global marketing campaign to promote sustainability.


Velocity optimized

6 Weeks to production


Velocity optimized



Velocity optimized

3 Sprints


Client Impact

  • Out-tasked 3 sprints to scale on-demand to meet short deadlines
  • Quickly augmented product team with engineering talent
  • Minimal time spent managing engineers via Full Service model

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