Our Core Principles

No wage arbitrage! The work performed by a great developer in Kinshasa should be valued no differently than a great developer living in London.
We believe in extreme communication clarity. Most issues experienced in software delivery are a result of poor communication vs. poor code.
We believe in out-tasking, not outsourcing: We believe work is best delivered when broken into small manageable chunks, vs. large complex projects.
We believe in extreme objectivity when measuring performance. We do not believe in subjective star ratings provided by unqualified reviewers of code and delivery.
We do not believe in the "Great Man" theory: You can participate in our platform whether you are a newbie, a seasoned practitioner, or a Guru.

Developer Banding

We believe your career should be a race to the top, and not a race to the bottom. To this end we have created a developer banding system to maximize your potential. Be matched to the type of work that is best suited to your band, and improve your band by consistent, high quality delivery.


Emerging developers from our training programs and select partners


Competent developers with 1-3 years of hands-on experience


Seasoned developers with 2-5 years of hands-on work experience


Experienced developers that can serve as team leads and solution architect


The name says it all

Enter a remote work environment designed to help you reach your Engineering potential.

Improve your skills with guidance from premier solutions architects, all while earning from anywhere in the world.

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