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Mar, 17, 2021, 09:00 AM PST

Simplify Building Your Blockchain with Substrate

This talk focusses on helping simplify building blockchain using substrate

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Sudhakar Rayavaram

VP of Engineering at TarkaLabs



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A glimpse into the inner workings of startups and enterprise innovation programs.

Dennis Bron

VP of Growth, Mynd

In this episode we talk to Dennis Bron, VP of Growth at Mynd, a Bay Area based Real Estate tech company. When this podcast was recorded (late last year), Dennis was with Better - another real-estate focused tech company, that was ranked by LinkedIn as the fastest growing US startup in 2020. Prior to Better Dennis was with Shift, another Bay Area based startup, that pioneered technology led innovation in the secondary car sale market.

At this point, Dennis has become a bit of an expert at accelerating growth in industries that have traditionally seen very limited digital-led innovation.


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