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Few technological shifts have captured the world's popular imagination in much the same way as Web 3 has captured it. From its roots in Fungible Tokens (cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH), to DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), to NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), the promise that Web 3 holds is immense. Not since the mid-to-late 90's when Web 1 truly arrived on the world stage, has there been a palpable sense of something immense on the horizon. Web 3 is a technological paradigm that can truly put power back into the hands of the individual, vs. platforms, in much the same way as the original conception of the Internet promised, but Web 2 failed to deliver.

What does this all mean to a Web 2 developer though? What is Web 3 from an engineering perspective? What problems exist with the first generation of Web 3 protocols? What problems does ETH 2.0 solve? What about layer 2 protocols? How does a Web 2 developer get their heads wrapped around all of this, and go about becoming a Web 3 developer? We are delighted to have Mohamed Zahoor join us in our next Engineering Mastermind to help us answer these questions.

Zahoor helped lay the groundwork for Web 3 as part of his work at the Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum Swarm. He is now helping lay the foundation of ETH2.0 with his work at Prysmatic Labs - a passionate team of software engineers from around the world building the code behind the next iteration of the Ethereum blockchain.


This talk is brought to you by Archimydes as part of its monthly Engineering Mastermind Series of talks. You can watch full recordings of previous talks at https://archimydes.dev/fourthact/events. Archimydes is a Software Engineering Guild and is focused on the ability of engineers to Engage, Grow, and Earn throughout their careers. The Guild has been founded by Accenture, IBM, and ThoughtWorks alumni.