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Caroline Hargrove

CTO at Ceres Power

Our guest in this podcast is - Caroline Hargrove. Caroline is a very accomplished CTO and has worked for some of the world's elite brands, startups, and educational institutions. Caroline is currently the CTO of Ceres Power. Ceres is a leader in climate technology with a billion-pound market cap and is setting the pace and standards for solid oxide technology, a key cleantech transition technology.

Prior to Ceres, Caroline was the CTO of Babylon Health, a global telehealth pioneer, enabling easy access to GPs, physiotherapists, nurses, and pharmacists from a mobile device. Prior to Babylon, Caroline was the CTO of McLaren Applied Technologies where she honed her technical chops and leadership skills for over a decade. Caroline began her industry career developing simulators for McLaren Racing. Caroline has also been in academia and has been a professor and lecturer at both Oxford and Cambridge. Cambridge is also where Caroline received her Ph.D. in Engineering.


Jason Saltzman

CEO of Relief App

In this episode we talk to Jason Saltzman, the CEO of Relief App. The app helps people in debt obtain debt relief for free and in a user-friendly manner. The company is backed by $17 million in funding from multiple strategic investors such as American Express, City Group, Innerplay, Animal Capital, etc


Jason is also the founder and chairperson of Alley, formerly known as AlleyNYC. Alley started off as a co-working space and was considered one of the pioneers of NYC coworking spaces, and in his capacity as founder and the 1st CEO of Alley, Jason helped countless up-and-coming NYC startups get off the ground. He also founded Seamess Docs to help state and local governments go paperless. In this episode with Jason, we dug deep into the essence of what it means to be an entrepreneur and build companies.


Dennis Bron

VP of Growth, Mynd

In this episode we talk to Dennis Bron, VP of Growth at Mynd, a Bay Area based Real Estate tech company. When this podcast was recorded (late last year), Dennis was with Better - another real-estate focused tech company, that was ranked by LinkedIn as the fastest growing US startup in 2020. Prior to Better Dennis was with Shift, another Bay Area based startup, that pioneered technology led innovation in the secondary car sale market.

At this point, Dennis has become a bit of an expert at accelerating growth in industries that have traditionally seen very limited digital-led innovation.


Adam Winter

CTO, Clarus R+D

Adam Winter is the CTO, Clarus R+D and an Angel Investor based out of the mid-West. Adam's company, Clarus R+D helps businesses easily obtain tax R&D credits for any software development or product development work done in the US.


Juan C Jimenez

Co-Founder and CEO, AccurKardia

Juan is the co-founder and CEO, AccurKardia. Its revolutionary technology is setting the standard for AI-powered heart rhythm analytics and diagnostics.


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