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Nurture the Excellence of our craft


Foster Belonging in an ever changing world

A Banding System to Maximize your Developer Potential

High potential developers, self taught or trained, with little to no experience.
Developers that have started to realize their potential, but need guidance and challenge.
Seasoned developers that have started to develop mastery of an aspect of their craft.
Experienced developers that can serve as team leads and solution architects.
Masters of their craft and highly skilled across multiple software development domains.

A global community

Belong to a community focused on helping you achieve your potential.

For Developers.
By Developers.

Got questions on software development? Join Our Discord server and ask the community. Looking to start your next passion project and need collaborators? Create your passion project on our web platform and be discovered by the community.


Social events including online & offline meet & greets.


Ask questions on our Discord server & office hours.

Passion Projects

Find collaborators with complementary skills for side projects.


Polish Your Craft

Learn from developers that have traversed your path before you.

Engage with World Class Talent

Interested in a particular topic? Attend our Engineering Mastermind Series to learn from some of the best in the business. Need mentorship? Be assigned a mentor at a band or two higher than yours and build a personalized growth plan.

1:1 Mentorship

Develop a growth plan and evaluate the plan with your mentor on a monthly basis.

Pair Programming

Schedule pair programming sessions with your mentor or other developers in the guild.

Training Sessions

Attend our weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual scheduled training events.


Create Revenue Stream

Move beyond simply relying on full-time employment for your income.

Code as a Service

Earn through our unique task-based delivery system.

Fulltime Jobs

Gain access to some of the best full-time jobs on the planet.

Micro Consulting

Monetize your deep domain knowledge and expertise.

Referral Program

Make passive income through our demand referral program.

What our developers are saying


I was looking for remote freelance opportunities during my sabbatical and was introduced to Archimydes through an ex-colleague at ThoughtWorks. Their no-nonsense approach to breaking down tasks, clear communication and clarity in managing remote development teams was a dream to work with.

Arther Antony

Full-stack Developer, Singapore


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