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    We are a Global AI & Software Engineering Guild

    Curated by leading engineers trained at ThoughtWorks, Accenture, and IBM.

    Engage with world-class Engineering talent


    High potential developers, self taught or trained, with little to no experience.


    Seasoned developers that have started to develop mastery of an aspect of their craft.


    Developers that have started to realize their potential, but need guidance and challenge.


    Masters of their craft and highly skilled across multiple software development domains.


    Experienced developers that can serve as team leads and solution architects.

    Our Offerings

    Engage our Guild in multiple ways

    Product Development

    A Holistic Approach to Engineering

    Leverage our three unique product offerings individually or in combination to offer seamless flexibility and provide effortless scaling at any stage of the product roadmap.

    Foundation Security and Compliance Realization

    Feel secure in your application with our foundational security assessment and restrengthening, or discover how we can assist you in achieving your compliance and regulation goals with our experienced security team.
    Due Diligence

    For VCs and Startups

    We offer tailored Due Diligence based on four key areas to identify and benchmark your current ability, including strengths, weaknesses and threats across these four areas.