Apprentice at
Curated Startups

Providing aspiring developers from across the world a window of opportunity to intern with top-tier, venture funded startups while being mentored by the best in the industry

How it Works

Top-tier start ups

An intensive 3 month apprenticeship with curated startups

Learn with real world experience

Build products that help solve real world problems. Get your hands dirty by working alongside high-performance teams that are disrupting their respective industries

  • Mentorship

    Upskill through guidance from premier solution architects

    Personalized coaching from the best in the industry

    Your Mentor will guide you through code reviews, pair programming, and 1:1 sessions to help make you a top-notch developer

  • Job offer

    Full-time job opportunity at the end of the program

    Get access to some of the best jobs in the industry

    An opportunity to land a full-time job with the startup that you apprentice with, and other flexible options to monetize your skill through the Archimydes Code-as-a-service platform

  • Your Commitment

    Core time committed for the assigned project

    Weekly code review and pair programming sessions

    Approach projects with zeal and seriousness

    Effectively use the Archimydes Guild to interact and learn

    Become future mentors yourself down the line

    Your Mentors

    Sasi Kumar

    Sasi Kumar


    Lead Engineer & Full Stack Developer at ThoughtWorks, with experience in eXtreme Programming (XP) practices & Agile methodologies.



    new york

    Full Stack Developer at MonetaGo. A seasoned coach who’s past experience includes organizations such as The Grace Hopper Program and the Flatiron School.

    Sudhakar Rayavaram

    Sudhakar Rayavaram


    Ex ThoughtWorker and an archetype problem solver with 18 years of experience in software design and development across the stack.

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