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Pick your choice from curated start-ups and social enterprises

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    Connect with your Apprentices via weekly coaching channels

    Upskill & train aspiring developers

    Mentor your apprentices through code reviews, pair programming, and 1:1 sessions to help make them a top-notch developer

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    What does this mean to you as a Mentor?

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    Recruit Apprentices for a more permanent role in your organization


    Monetise your time coaching high-potential developers working on impactful projects

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    Be a long-term member of the Guild and enjoy all of its associated benefits

    Our Ask

    Weekly pre-agreed time committed for the assigned Apprentices and Project

    A genuine and active interest in the progress of the Apprentice

    Participation in monthly or quarterly knowledge sharing sessions

    Your Apprentices

    James Midzi

    James Midzi


    A self-taught Frontend Engineer who also happens to be a French Tutor.

    Maithili D

    Maithili D

    new york

    Maithili is a Full Stack Developer with a Masters in Computer Science.

    Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar


    Amit is a self-taught Full Stack Engineer with an appetite to learn.

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