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How it Works


The first step in our apprentice audition process is to identify appropriate projects for apprentices to work on

Identify potential projects

Our Solution Architect mentors help identify potential projects for Apprentices to work on

  • Onboard

    Select pre-screened Apprentices that you would like to audition

    On-board Candidates

    Once apprentice candidates have been selected we help on-board them to your team from a legal, technical, and functional perspective so that they are ready to hit the ground running

  • Audition

    Execute a 3-month task-based audition of the candidates guided by both the Archimydes methodology and it's mentors

    Execute the audition

    Assign tasks to the Apprentices leveraging the Archimydes platform and methodology. Archimydes mentors - seasoned developers with experience from top companies like ThoughtWorks, will execute code review on each PR prior to merging into your project codebase

  • Hire

    Have the flexibility to bring on your apprentice(s) full-time once the audition period is complete

    Hire your apprentice(s)

    Once the audition is complete, have the option of hiring your apprentice(s) full-time. Execute a full-time employment contract or an employee lease agreement with the apprentice(s) based on their location.

  • Screening Process

    Apprentices apply through our partner bootcamps or social media channels
    Basic Screening
    We screen each applicant for potential impact, skills and experience
    Coding Challenge
    Applicants are tested with our curated coding challenges
    1-1 interviews with our Solution Architects to help gauge applicants
    Developer Banding
    Apprentices are banded based on a comprehensive scoring criteria
    client screening
    Audition talent securely and respectfully before you hire

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