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Sep, 27, 2023, 4:00 PM

The Rise of Edge AI and Embedded Machine Learning: Challenges, Opportunities, and Use Cases

In this mastermind, we explore the nuances of Tiny ML and embedded machine learning (ML) devices, which are often constrained by low compute and limited Internet access. This Mastermind is brought to you by Semih Korkmaz, an accomplished Archimydes guild member, startup founder, founding engineer, and CTO. Semih will explore the incredible advances occurring in these fields and their potential applications, which range from combating African wildlife poaching through audio detection to having portable AI assistance incorporated into your glasses and even the ability to combat dementia through changes to neural pathways with these devices. All of this and more are explored within this exciting MasterMind. Semih Korkmaz is an "Expert” level Archimydes Guild member - you can view his guild profile here! (https://profile.archimydes.dev/semih) He has worked professionally for companies such as Tesla and Vodafone and co-founded and led the US-based startup Stoovo through several rounds of funding. Academically, Semih has also been an AI researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

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Semih Korkmaz

AI & Fullstack Engineer



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