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As Machine Learning (ML) matures, ML models will need to be constantly tweaked and improved. This is where MLOps come into play. MLOps is to Machine Learning what DevOps is to Software Development - a set of tools, automations, and workflows required to ship out ML Models to production in minutes as opposed to days/weeks/months, and keep them running reliably.

The talk will be delivered by Ken Toole, currently the VP of Engineering, MLOps at DataRobot. Ken is a 20+ year industry veteran and was the VP of Engineering at Algorithmia prior to their recent acquisition by DataRobot. Previously Ken was also the VP of Engineering at Atlassian, as well as an executive at both Adobe and Microsoft.

DataRobot is one of the leading companies defining the MLOps space. The company has raised $1B in capital to date and is one of the most exciting enterprise technology companies in the world today.

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