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Whether we like it or not, remote work is here to stay. Yes, not every company will remain 100% remote moving forward, but post-COVID one would be hard-pressed to find a company that will remain 100% in office as well. The reality for most companies will most likely be a hybrid model through most of the 2020s.

Over the past decade, I have managed infrastructure, software, and product teams around the world in a fully remote, hybrid, and 100% in-office environment. I have done this for some of the world's leading enterprises, consulting companies, and startups. Most importantly I have learned to do this without micro-management, in a healthy, sustainable manner. In this session I will cover some strategic and tactical ways to go about this including:

  • Geographic optimization of remote teams
  • Changes to hiring processes/approaches
  • Conducting effective remote/hybrid working sessions
  • Asynchronous communication tools, techniques, and templates
  • Team building activities and morale management

I highly recommend reading this post: https://archimydes.dev/fourthact/blog/remote-native-big-3-lessons-learned prior to the session.